How love partners in the same work environment can enhance their productivity in the work place.


It is important for one to know how to develop a work relationship with various work partners  because it promotes good relations between workers .This skill is also important because it enables work partners to easily accomplish  various tasks in the firm.

However,what happens when you find out that you share a work environment with your love partner?.How will you ensure that you perform your taks without them being an hinderance to your productivity?Well then,here are some tips on how to go about it without jeopardizing your relationship.

Find a suitable approach for you and your partner.
The suitable way of dealing with this is finding a convenient method that the both of you will use in order to ensure you live upto your work goals and objectives.A convenient method for one couple would be to avoid sitting next to each other during a staff meeting,for another couple would be to avoid having work desks that neighbor each other and so on.

Hence you should choose an approach that works best for the both of you depending on the nature of your relationship.Also avoid copying what other couples do just because it worked out for them because what works out for them while at work might be detrimental to you as a couple.

Come up with a work schedule.
If you are the type of couple that cherishes time together,it is easily understood that work can sound like a pain in the neck to your personal time.However,you can not give this as an excuse to your employers and workmates.
Coming up with a work-schedule can help with knowing how to balance your work time with your personal time.For instance,having a work schedule will help you to know that lunch break is more effective for your dinner date than the shorter tea break or that the weekend is more easier for a hike date than during the busy weekday.
The schedule you come up with will depend on your firm's work program.A work-schedule would also help the both of you know what time is for what and what time is not for what.

Communication is an important skill in every walk of life especially in relationships.Communicating the insecurities you have at work to your partner would help them know how to relate with you at the workplace.
For instance,telling your partner that you do not love them holding hands with you during a meeting might be a good way of letting them know in advance rather than waiting for them to hold your hand and then get mad at them for doing that during the meeting.
Also ,if you do not mind physical contact while at work you should also communicate to them so that they may know that you are comfortable with it.Communication really plays a big role. 

Acknowledge the policies of your firm.
Every work environment has rules and regulations that govern its employees irregardless of whether they are in a relationship or not.Either way,these policies have to be followed and recognized by all employees in the organization.
Acknowledging these policies would help you know what would work for your relationship without  having a detrimental effect to your firm's code of conduct and the relationship.
For instance,if your organization discourages any form of intimate physical contact during  meetings,you should avoid doing so while you are in a meeting.

These simple tips will help you balance the work environment with your relationship.

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