As form one admission Kicks off, are parents ready?

Students have started reporting for form one in different schools in Kenya..this article basically explains parent's views on this

As form one admission Kicks off, are parents ready?
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High schools have officially started to admit form ones as announced by the Cs Magoha earlier on.

As seen in many boarding stations, parents are busy escorting their children to school. With the high fare prices due to lack of fuel in many places, parents are heard complaining. "The prices are high but we have no choice because children must go to school" A parent from Kisii town was heard complaining.


Other parents have also complained about the high school fees rates and some even begging the schools to allow their children to join with the little they can manage to get and pay the rest later. This has been due to the increased cost of living.

School uniforms high prices is also a challenge to those taking their children to form one." They are expensive and the you'll be forced to go back if you don't purchase the right uniforms" said a local resident.