Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa affirmed Government commitment to end FGM

The kenya Demoographics health indicator survet shows over 90 percent of kenyans are aware of FGM and its effects

Cabinet  Secretary Aisha Jumwa has affirmed  government's commitment to end FGM in the country. 
Speaking  in Migori county during the International Day of Zero  Tolerance for FGM in Ntimaru, Jumwa said the government is going to ensure that laws prohibiting FGM are enforced fully so that girls and women are fully protected.

"The Kenya Demographics Health Indicator Survey 2022 revealed that 90 percent of Kenyans are aware of FGM and its effect and therefore people still abetting it are doing it deliberately an and the  government must now deal with them" said the CS.

The gorvernment is going to increase funding for  Anti_FGM board so that it can escalate yhe fight further,she added.

Jumwa appealed to the men to come out and support the fight against FGM.

In Migori, over 600 girls have been rescued from FGM ,a report from security officers indicates.

The police also managed to present 40 FGM related cases to court, out of which 10 have been completed.