Did you know that a snail can sleep for three years?

Found out how a snail can sleep for three years and why.

Did you know that a snail can sleep for three years?
Can you sleep for three years like a snail? [Getty images]

I know you are asking yourself whether this is possible especially when we don't know how to tell whether a snail is sleeping or not.But yes this is true.

In their tiny cocoons,snails live a very fascinating lifestyle.Since they neither have schedules like humans nor are very productive like other animals,they never abide by the rule of night and day.

[A snail can sleep for 3 hours]

Snails are able to sleep for long because they need moisture to survive.Therefore,if they live in geographical areas that do not have proper moisture,they can sleep for upto three years until moisture is available.

You can know if a snail is asleep if;
⦁ It's tentacles appear withdrawn a bit.
⦁ It has a relaxed foot.
⦁ Its shell hangs away slightly from it's body.

So next time you think of a having some good sleep remember how a snail values water as a good sleep remedy and do take some water before you sleep.

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