Wine has several health benefits but only if taken in moderation.

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Whilst drinking wine may be frowned upon as an act of alcoholism, it may be good to incorporate an occasional glass or two into your daily life. Wine has many benefits and can change your mood in an instant, but only if taken in moderation.

Wine is basically grape juice. It has, however, undergone the fermentation process which makes the natural sugars in grapes become alcoholic. The fermentation process can be natural, but winemakers add yeast to control the process.

We have white and red wine. There’s dry and sweet wine too. As white wine is being made, grape skins are usually removed before the fermentation process. When red wine is being made, the whole grape is added with the skin in the fermentation process. The difference between sweet wine and dry wine is the sugar levels in each. Dry wine is usually bitter compared to sweet wine.

The benefits of wine are as follows;

It reduces heart disease risk

Drinking red wine has a protective impact on the cardiovascular system. It reduces the risk of dying from heart disease by 30%. The compounds in red wine have antioxidants and also anti-inflammatory effects. These are the things that reduce heart disease.

Slows down brain decline

Red wine may reduce your mental decline. This may be partly because of the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory activity of the resveratrol in red wine. This seems to protect protein particles known as beta-amyloids from forming. These protein particles play a key role in Alzheimer’s disease.

Eases joint pain by preventing cartilages from getting damaged.

Helps ease diabetes complications as it increases insulin sensitivity. Resveratrol has been reported to prevent complications, including diabetes in animals.

Extends the lifespan of various organisms.

This happens when red wine activates the genes that ward off ageing diseases.

So the next time you find yourself with a glass full of wine, say a small thank you to the brains behind the concept of winemaking and take a big, gluttonous gulp and enjoy this short life that we live.