Murenda helps maintain healthy blood,maintain healthy skin,strengthens bones and teeth,assists in proper healing of bones.

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Murenda is common in Western parts of Kenya. It is also known as Jute mallow in English which usually found in tropical and subtropical regions. When Murenda is cooked, it becomes sticky and thickens into a soup. Murenda is usually served with ugali and it leaves you licking your finger because of its sweetness. 

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The following are some of its benefits;
1. Maintains the health of the blood
Murenda leaves contains iron and other elements that aid in th he formation of healthy red blood cells which transport oxygen throughout the entire body. It also contains vitamin C which aids in iron absorption in the body. The vitamins and mineral elements make a good combination that is essential for blood health.
2. Strengthens the bones and teeth
Murenda is high in calcium and vitamin D which are important for bone health. Majority of the bones are made up by calcium.

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3. Aids in the maintenance of a healthy skin
Vitamin C found in vegetables is an important antioxidant that fights free radicals which cause premature aging and other ailments. Vitamin C is essential for preserving a healthy skin. It boosts collagen formation which keeps the skin supple and elastic. Vitamin A keeps the skin moisturized and stimulates the formation of new skin cells giving you a youthful appearance. Murenda also contains vitamin E which aids in the prevention of wrinkles and increase the appearance of the skin. 
4. Aids in the proper healing of wounds
Murenda contains vitamin C, K and A all of which are necessary for wound healing. Vitamin C aids in the healing of wounds whereas vitamin A aids in the repair of skin cells that have been damaged. Vitamin K aids in the coagulation of blood and prevents bleeding.
5.Asthma attacks become less frequent
Magnesium in the Murenda plants aids in bronchioles dilation which relaxes the bronchioles muscles and dilates the airway. It may help to alleviate asthma symptoms such as shortness in breath.