Hellen Wendy’s body to arrive from Canada this Saturday

Hellen Wendy’s body to arrive from Canada this Saturday
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The body of the late Hellen Wendy Nyabuto who drowned in a swimming pool in Canada expected to arrive in Kenya this Saturday aboard Ethiopian airline ahead of her burial in Kisii.

According to the flight ticket, the family and the late’s body will will arrive at Addis Ababa at 0700 HRS tomorrow and depart at 1045 HRS to Nairobi which is expected to arrive at 1305HRS.

The parents of the 24-year-old Kenyan lady who drowned in a swimming pool in Canada last month have travelled to the North American country for her body.

In a video shared, the devastated parents were seen wailing beside the swimming pool where their young daughter met her death.

The process of repatriating the body

Laws and cultural beliefs around death vary across the world, which makes the repatriation of a deceased from one nation to another a complex affair.

Firstly, a death certificate must be produced before Hellen Wendy’s body is released from Canada.

The Kenyan High Commission in Canada is the authority required to assist in making all the necessary arrangements.

To ship the deceased, the Canadian clearance requires a mortuary certificate detailing the cause of Hellen Wendy’s death.

In addition, the professional services of a funeral company may be needed to transport the body from the mortuary to the airport for shipping. Wendy’s body must be preserved from decaying in preparation for transportation.

Furthermore, international airline fees will be required which are always calculated based on the distance and weight of the deceased.

On average, it costs approximately between (Ksh 200,000 and Ksh 750,000).

Lastly, Hellen Wendy’s family will need the services of a Funeral Company in Kenya to transport the body to Kisii for burial.