A list of well renowned music celebrities from Kisii region on the Western side of Kenya

Nyashinski the Kenyan Music Artist who was nominated for Afrimma best male artist

Gusii is a Bantu community on the western side of Kenya. They are mainly known for their agricultural prowess in banana planting. Kisii has produced great people among them politicians, celebrities and musicians. Below is a list of top 20 celebrities hailing from the gusii nation:


Nyashinski whose real name is Nyameri Ongegu is considered to be among the most celebrated musician in Kenya. Nyashinski who hails from Kisii is a celebrated artist with many views on his youtube channel. The artistis considered to have hit songs like Mungu Pekee, Malaika, Hayawani and Now you Know among others.

Nyashinski smiling at his phone

Ringtone Apoko

The Gusii artist whose real name is Alex Apoko is considered to among the wealthiest musicians in Kenya. Ringtone lives a flamboyant life by flushing his expensive rides comprising of range rovers latest models and a beautiful home in Runda. He recently released a gospel song called Walionicheka by the Tanzanian Musician Rose Muhando.

Ringtone Apoko chilling

Pharry K Cowboy 045

Kepha Oyugi Bwonda comes from Ekeonga village in Kisii County where he was born on September 4, 1989. The 31-year-old is an actor, musician, model, songwriter, and musician with a speciality in country music. The singer who astonished Kenyans during the burial of Late Nyachae by his melodious vocals sounding like Cpuntry music artist Mr. Jim Reeves is a celeb in Kenya for his hit country music.

Pharry K arranging his equipments

Smallz Lethal Omoise Omobe

His real name is Jim Nyamwaka Nyakundi.Smallz who comes from Nyanchwa trended recently after he got into wrangle with the Kisii County governor James Ongwae for singing a controversial song about underdevelopment and corruption in Kisii County.

Smallz Lethal the artist.

Rajville alias Raj

Raj whose real name is Okemwa Rajiv is a hip artist who came more popular after his hit hip hop song the Obe Baba with Stella Mwangi. He was interviewed by a local tv station where he stated that he was proud to have made million through music.

Rapper Rajville pose for a shoot

Miggy Champ Echambioni

The Nore Pipo hitmaker whose real name is Omari Migisi is an actor and musicians. He is an alumnus of St. Andrew Kaggwa Boys Primary Boarding and the Cardinal Otunga High School.

He also performs as Mc Miggy.

Mc Miggy

Babu Gee Omosayansi

Davison Nyaberi Mong’are has been on the Gusii Fm radio’s playlist with songs like Nore Pipo, Chimbeba and Ujinga Ni. The musician is married to the sister of Gusii music producer Mr. Augusto called Moraa Antoni.

Babu Gee during a photoshoot


Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma the 32 year old family man came to the limelight after his controversial of him dancing in muddy pool of waters and running like a mad man were widely shared online. He recently was bashed by the netizens after a video of him erotically dancing to a woman in a club. He was bashed and was forced to ask for forgiveness from the netizens.

Mr.Embarambamba on a shoot

Vicky Young

The Chikondi and Noraita hitmaker is a celebrated artist as he eeps producing hit after hit. His songs include the Chikondi, Ebesa Eborete, Obobosa Obekeigo and Titi Nkorundi ft Miggy.

The artist Vicky Young

Faith Stan

Faith Momanyi born in Kiogoro Kisii County is considered to be famous among the Gusii people after her three his Jirani Ananimada, Otenyo and Namba Moja. He also remixed her song jirani ananimada with the controversial Kenyan artist Timmy T Dat.

The jirani hitmaker and the Kasabuni singer Timmy T Dat pose for a photo

Kisii is considered to be having more celebrities but the few mentioned are known widely in Kenya. But all in all we celebrate all Gusii's as Getembw Tv.