Did you know apples,bananas play a unique role in your body including music?


Interesting fun facts

Did you know?

The genetic simirality between bananas and human beings is 60%?

Apart from the fact that the inner peels of bananas help in relieving itches from from bug bits,did you know that they also have a genetic similarity of 60% with humans.

Yes,this is true,through human genome sequencing which enables to compare DNA between various living things.A comparison with bananas proved that humans share 60% of their DNA with bananas just like other living things like chicken.

Bananas also help to reduce swelling and they are also nutritional,therefore next time you plan on going to the market,it is important to Include bananas in your bucket list.

 (Photo courtesy;medical news today)

Did you know that Apples help in weight loss?.

Are you aiming to reduce weight?.Well,you do not have to look for many ways to achieve your desired weight.Apples contain low calories which help in weight loss.this is because they contain a lot of water.Foods which contain water are known to be filling which reduces calorie intake.Therefore,apples help in weight loss.

Apart from low calories,Apples also have a low calorie density which also helps in weight loss.If you are the type of person who is exhausted with the constant pressure and exhaustion that comes with the gym workout,then an apple a day might just be the answer.

[Photo courtesy;The verge]

Did you know that humans are the only species that are known to blush?

Darwin called this behavior “the most peculiar and most human of all expressions”.It is also not known why humans blush but the most known idea is that blushing keeps people honest to their emotions.

Isn’t this an interesting fact?

 Did you know that listening to music enhances physical performance?

Research has proven that people who use music while performing physical tasks or exercises were able to perform better than those who do not.

Therefore,the next time you think of hitting the gym,its important you remember to eat bananas and apples while playing your music in the background

(Photo courtesy;The

Aren’t these interesting facts?

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