Mungu Pekee is a gospel related song with a lyric video of 9.7 Million views on youtube .

Nyameri Ongegu aka Nyanshinski the Mungu Pekee hitmaker

With the music video released four years ago Nyashinski’s Mungu Pekee has garnered a total view of 9.7 Million views on his YouTube channel. The musicians channels which has 415k subscriber is considered to be the 6th most subscribed Kenyan musician in Kenya in a list topped by Otile Brown who has 7.71k subscribers.

Part of the  song's lyrics as shown on the youtube

Nyashinski whose real name is Nyameri Ongegu made a comeback in 2016 after releasing the Now You Know music video which has garnered 5.7 Million views on youtube. He was a former member of a hip hop rap group called Kleptomaniax which comprised of Roba, Collo and Nyashinski who had hit songs like Tuendelee and Swing Swing on the album Maniax 4 ever before going  abroad and quit music.While abroad Nyash used to be a truck driver.

Nyashinski the Mungu Pekee hitmaker

Nyashinski’s lyric video to Mungu Pekee was done by his friend Nicho a week after the audio was released.It broke Kenyan Youtube records by having it as the most viewed lyric video on youtube by a Kenyan musician. Nyashinski’s manager Fakii said that the reason why the video had garnered those views while on an interview with the CTA is because many would sing the lyrics word to word while watching and also it was relatable as it was about God and who doesn’t relate to the Most High.

The video proved that Nyashinski was back and from that time he has been releasing hit songs till date. You can have a glimpse of the song at Nyashinski’s youtube channel.