Kibaki's children reject proposal for DNA test in family feud

Kibaki's children reject proposal for DNA test in family feud

Former President Mwai Kibaki’s children have opposed a DNA test proposal seeking to determine whether they are siblings with two persons claiming in court that they were sired by him and want a share of his wealth.

Kibaki’s publicly and officially recognised four children led by Judith Wanjiku have cited violation of their privacy and urged the court to dismiss the request filed by Mr. Jacob Ocholla and a woman code-named JNL seeking orders for sibling and paternity DNA tests.

Mr Ocholla, alongside the other woman code-named JNL had moved to court after the late President Kibaki’s death in April 2022 in a move aimed at claiming a stake in his wealth. The two also wanted to be officially recognized as Kibaki’s children through DNA tests to show they are children of the former head of State.

The claimants, Mr Ocholla and Ms JNL, want the court to order a sibling or paternity DNA test. However, Judy, one of Kibaki’s daughters in a response filed in court on behalf of her three siblings, denying the requests also opposing sharing of Kibaki’s wealth.

Photo: Courtesy// Ms Judy, kibaki's daughter

Mr. ocholla and Ms. JNL want the court to direct them together with Kibaki’s four children- Judy, James Mark Kibaki, David Kagai Kibaki and Anthony Andrew Githinji Kibaki- to be subjected to a DNA test to establish whether they are children of the late President.

Alternatively, they want the court to order the exhumation of Kibaki’s body for extraction and collection of samples to be used in a DNA paternity test.

In urging for the exhumation of Kibaki’s remains, Mr Ocholla’s lawyer Morara Omoke says that since “there are no known DNA samples of Kibaki that have been stored in a data bank or any other facility” exhumation is the only option for a paternity test.

This response comes after a court-ordered mediation between the two sides collapsed. The mediation had been ordered by High Court judge Maureen Odero last month.