Being a little stingy doesn’t hurt, it just means that you aim to channel your cash to a more deserving course

Kisii men are very protective of their families. Photo/courtesy

There is this notion that Kisii men are stingy and that we have a furious temper. Well we are not stingy, let’s say we are ‘proper money managers’. Unlike our overspending neighbors (Luos), we are wired to spend money responsibly, where it is worth. I am sure a bigger percentage of you, happen to be affected by the “Tuma fare” pandemic that as engulfed our nation apart from Corona of course, the same can’t be said about Kisii men.

Being a little stingy doesn’t hurt, it just means that we aim to channel our cash to a more deserving course. Although the stinginess is somewhat exaggerated, for example look at the number of restaurants and hotels situated in Kisii town and its environs, what does that tell you? I Know there are probably a few Kisii men that can be stingy, especially those from south Mugirango, but they are very few and far placed. While ladies from other regions whine about our ‘proper money management’ the beautiful and graceful women from kisii seem to be undisturbed by the nonsensical grumbles.

                                                                                   Kisii men are high

About the venomous temper. Well, I can explain this, Kisii is surrounded by three giant communities. The notorious Luos, the war laden Maasais and the Hostile kipsigiss. Now tell me, what other way could we have survived other than upping our temper game. We were left with no other way but to adapt a mechanism that we could use to protect our families, and what other best way than temper. You cannot mess with a Kisii mans’ mother, wife or children, it is like roaming outside during curfew hours.

Trust me I know, we can be a little stingy (which is justified of Course) and maybe hot tempered (though overstated) but these two weaknesses can be clouded by other unique characteristics that we happen to portray. Say for example romance, we are the most romantic men in Kenya, I mean married ladies women love us, don’t they? and why do you think, simple, we know how to treat ladies.

Ironically some women find Kisii men overly possessive and jealous. Ladies! a man is only jealous and possessive when he loves you.

Kisii men cherish their

Kisii men are very ambitious, they will stop at nothing to ensure the best for our families. We strive on daily basis to provide for our families. Our business prowess is unmatched (after the Kikuyus of course), in every village you visit all over Kenya there is a “duka ya mkisii” which is always well stocked. It is our hard working mentality that attracts women to us.

I know women treasure these traits and abilities, that makes Momanyi and Onyancha ideal husbands for you.