Kisii parents now cry foul over CBC

Kisii parents now cry foul over CBC
courtesy: Prof Peter Choti posing for a picture with other Kisii professionals

A section of parents from Kisii county have now appealed to the new government to abolish the CBC citing it “too expensive”. The moves comes a few days after president Ruto said that his government will form a commission to review the CBC.

The new education system that was introduced in 2017 in Kenya has seen many dissatisfied parents among other stakeholders complain over the costs of running the curriculum.

The professionals, led by their chairman Prof. Peter Choti observed that the curriculum was too costly and that parents had obligations towards their families more especially during these times of an economic crisis in Kenya.

The parents and professionals have said that the curriculum deprives learners and parents their joy of traditional learning and most learners end up performing poorly in their studies.

“The system strains parents and leaves them with worries and contempt for education instead of loving it,” said Prof. Choti. He also noted that the curriculum does not allow a child to grow normally due to its extra involvement.

Some parents have also expressed their anger in the curriculum saying that the trainers are using the curriculum for their own material gain and asking for items like chicken parts from them in the name of learning.

This comes days after Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa claimed that CBC teachers are using the opportunity to ask for chicken from the parents and that they have “eaten all chicken in the homesteads”.

The first set of pupils to transit into junior secondary in the new curriculum is set to sit for their national examinations this year that will see them transit to junior secondary next year.