Vasectomy is veiled in myths, which discourage Kenyan Men from pursuing this procedure despite it being one of the safest Family planning methods

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Despite vasectomy being one of the safest and the Family planning method, Kenya is still lacking far behind in terms of usage. The assumption behind the low numbers being, that it makes one to be less of a man and also sleepy and lazy.

For those unfamiliar with the term, vasectomy is a simple surgery done in a hospital, whereby the small tubes in a man’s scrotum that carry sperm, are cut or blocked off, so that are not able to leave your body and cause pregnancy.

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Awareness of vasectomy, that is having heard of the method (though not necessarily having accurate information), is the lowest among all modern Family planning methods in Kenya. Often Kenyan men opt for the usage of condoms which they dim cheap and easily accessible, despite the fact that it does not guarantee hundred percent success rate

Gender inequality regarding contraception, herby the society considers family planning a Women thing, myths and misconception about vasectomy and Men and Women negative attitude towards vasectomy are the major setbacks of vasectomy uptake in the country. Moreover, lack of skilled and ill motivated vasectomy providers contributes to the limited availability.

Vasectomies have become more simple over the years. They began with the doctors opening up the scrotum with scalpels to gain access to the sperm tubes but the procedure was full of complications such as bleeding infection and swelling.

However, there is even a new advanced technique called the no-needle-no-scalpel that takes only 15 to 20 minutes.

Vasectomy is veiled in myths, which discourage men from pursuing this type of Family planning, despite the fact that many want to restrict the number of children they have.

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