The Law Society of Kenya CEO Mercy Wambui pressed assault charges against the LSK president Nelson Havi.

LSK Chef Executive Officer Mercy Wambui accuses Nelson Havi of assault.Photo courtesy Opera

The Law Society of Kenya president Nelson Havi is facing possible assault charges, after being accused by the Chief Executive Officer of the LSK Ms. Mercy Wambui.Ms Wambui claims that the LSK President injured her in a confrontation, during their meeting on Monday.

According to a police report at Muthangari police station under OB number 34/12/7/2021, Wambui reported her right arm and finger were hurt in a tussle that erupted during the meeting.

                                                              Mercy Wambui the law society of Kenya CEO in a meeting.Photo/Courtesy

She claims that she joined the meeting with Havi and other 11 council members allied to him but he shouted at her and forced her out. “He was there with legitimate members allied to him, as well as a team calling themselves caretaker members, other legitimate members joined online,” she said.

Wambui goes on to say that Havi shouted at her, forced shut her laptop and shoved her out, and in the scuffle she ended up being hurt on her arm and finger.

However Nelson Havi denies the claims, instead he accuses her for gatecrashing the council meeting while she was supposed to be on a compulsory leave.

                                                                       The LSK President Nelson Havi.Photo/courtesy

The leadership wrangles within the Law society of Kenya turned to the worst on Friday, July 9, after Havi accused Wambui for preventing plans for a planned audit on the use of allocated funds in a press statement. Havi further called Wambui out for being in the office illegally and colluding with financial institutions to deny members statements of expenditure.

Wambui on her side rubbished Havi’s claims, stating that the allegations were false. She explained that her stay in the office is legal, and it was reinstated after the courts revoked a proposition that would have her out on a compulsory leave. She further states that the accusations of mishandling finances are unsubstantial.