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Upset by his father’s infidelity, Andre joins a group of jewel thieves led by his father’s rival.


  • Genre: Action
  • Original Language: English
  • Director: Doug Thomsen
  • Producer: Armen Dilanchian, Megan Louise Thill
  • Writer: Armen Dilanchian
  • Runtime:1h 36m

Set in San Francisco, “Pride Jewel” is an Armenian film about love, crime revenge, and the American Dream.

Image: A Scene from Pride Jewel


An Armenian father and son immigrate to U.S. after a massive earthquake levelled their small town in Armenia. Andre and his father move to San Francisco, to be near family, and in hopes of a better life. Amidst the challenges of this new environment, no job perspective, and desperate for a family life, Andre quickly turns to jewel thief, Cyrus for guidance. Andre tries to make fast money, but he has a change of heart when Cyrus instructs the crew he hangs with to make a score at an Armenian wedding. In the end, we find that revenge is the only way out and redemption is nowhere to be found.

The screenplay, loosely based on true events, was written in 2017 by award-winning producer and screenwriter Armen Dilanchian, Senior Content Director at 4D Legacy Studios.

Pride Jewel was the winner of “Best Picture” at the Paris film Festival Amsterdam International Film Festival, and the New York City Film & Television Festival in 2021. Additionally, Pride Jewel has been an “Official Selection” of 15 film festivals  across the globe, including  Crownwood International Film Festival in India, and South Texas International Film Festival.

Despite unprecedented challenges and an aggressive schedule, Pride Jewel began production on July 7, 2020, during the world-wide COVID 19 pandemic.

Due to 4D Legacy Studio’s rigid COVID 19 safety guidelines, talented cast, crew, and their dedication to excellence, the top-notch  team completed this epic feature length film in just 17 production days.




Sarkis Bakalyan

Jake Vincent

Aya Hoja

George Boudoures

Derek Crowe

Brian D. Cohen

Megan Louse Thill

Michael Lederman

Arthur Matevosian

Meylis Ovezov

Writer and Producer

Photo: Courtesy/ Screenplay writer and Pride Jewel producer Armen Dilanchian
Photo: Courtesy/ Pride jewel Producer Megan Louise Thill