Parliament suspends PS vetting following court order

Parliament suspends PS vetting following court order
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National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula has ordered all House Committees to halt vetting of Principal Secretaries following a court order.

“The Departmental Committees which had already concluded the vetting proceedings and approval hearings are o suspend any activity relating to reporting to the House on the proceedings, until further notice,” the Speaker said.

Photo: Courtesy// Ms Betsy Muthoni Njagi, PS nominee for State Department Blue Economy and Fisheries during vetting at Parliament Buildings in Nairobi on November 15, 2022.

This comes due to pending of the determination of a case filed by the Law Society. Justice Nzioki wa Makau of the Employment and Labour court certified the case as urgent and directed the process to be halted.

"Pending the hearing of this application inter-partes on 21st November 2022 a conservatory order of and is hereby issued retraining and or barring the respondent from receiving or if already received the list of nominees barring the processing, vetting or in any way processing the nomination of the 1st to 51st interested parties herein," the judge said.

The LSK, who named the Attorney General, Parliament and Public Service Commission as respondents in the case says in the petition the list as presented to Parliament does not take into account the regional and tribal balance, two-thirds gender rule principle, persons with disabilities and the youth.

"The nomination of the 51 from the list of 477 shortlisted qualified candidates has been discriminatory in total disregard to the provisions of Article 250(4) of the constitution," the LSK says.

The nomination list contains 13 people each from Rift Valley and Central Kenya to the detriment of 40 other ethnic communities.

Article 250(4) of the constitution states that:

“Appointments to commissions and independent offices shall take into account the national values referred to in Article 10, and the principle that the composition of the commissions and offices, taken as a whole, shall reflect the regional and ethnic diversity of the people of Kenya.”