President Ruto changes his Aide De Camp

President Ruto changes his Aide De Camp
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Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga of the Kenya Army has succeeded Timothy Lekolool as President William Ruto’s Aide-De-Camp.

Emmanuel Tallam, President Ruto’s senior communications aide, said the new Aide-de-Camp will be assisted by Lieutenant-Colonel Damaris Agnetta, also from the Kenya Army.

Brigadier Lekolool, who previously served as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Aide-de-Camp between July 2018 and September 2022, has been deployed to the Department of Defence (DoD) Headquarters in Nairobi after his promotion to brigadier.

Agnetta takes over from Lieutenant-Colonel Rachel Nduta of the Kenya Air Force, who has been promoted to the rank of Colonel, and deployed to the Department of Defence Headquarters.

Colonel Fabian Lengusuranga, the new ADC, joined the army in 1999. He has served as senior special forces branch commander.

The second ADC, Damaris Agnetta, was commissioned in 2003, and has been serving as the artillery officer. She has also served in the United Nations Military Observer Mission.

Criteria for picking an Aide De Camp and their functions

A president has the liberty to choose his or her Aide-De-Camp.

According to Colonel Esther Wanjiku, the spokesperson of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), the Aide-De-Camp is “a principal military officer serving the president”.

“The Defence Council can propose an Aide-de-Camp to the president, who has the last say on his preferred serviceman for the role,” she added.

 “The Aide-De-Camp’s roles include managing the president’s diary and liaising with his or her main security team,” Wanjiku noted

When foreign presidents visit Kenya, the KDF proposes servicepersons who would serve as Aides-De-Camp to the leaders.

The serviceperson has to be an active member of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

According to Simiyu Werunga, the Executive Director for Geneva Centre for Africa Security, “unlike the position of the Chief of Defence Forces, which rotates among senior military officers of the Kenya Navy, Kenya Air Force or the Kenya Army, the Aide De Camp’s background is immaterial when the president is selecting the serviceman for that position,”