President Ruto installed as Kenya Red Cross Society Patron, sets aside 2B shillings to mitigate hunger

President Ruto installed as Kenya Red Cross Society Patron, sets aside 2B shillings to mitigate hunger
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President William Ruto has today morning been installed as the Kenya Red Cross Society Patron in State House, Nairobi.

The President, applauding the move said he is ready to work with the society to ensure that they have collective measures to mitigate drought and hunger in the nation.

“I look forward to that engagement because I think it is the time for us to build this organization. You have already a track record that the people of Kenya appreciate, understand, and associate with,” he said.

He also recounted that the society already has a track record and that he will understand the organization and his role as patron for the well-being of the organisation.

“With my new role as your patron, I will make sure that I understand what my role is and I also understand what the organization is and I hope that when I come you will welcome my comments,” he added.

The President also noted that the government has found the society’s credentials as a voluntary organization and recognized its role as a vital auxiliary to the public authorities mandated in the humanitarian field through the enactment of the Kenya Red Cross Societies Act of 1965.

President Ruto lauded the service duties of Kenya Red Cross as indispensable.

“Today, the society’s contribution to humanitarian emergency response is indispensable,” he said adding that the government has added 2 billion shillings and willing to add 10 billion more to ensure that all counties in Kenya have access to food.

“We are in the middle of drought and we have agreed this morning with the management of Red Cross that they will specifically work with us in Turkana County and all other marginal counties in making sure that no corner of any county is left behind or does not have access to food,” President Ruto said.

“I look forward working with you and this morning the government of Kenya has made an additional 2 billion shillings available and we are looking to work with our development partners to raise additional 10 billion to be able to manage the drought.”