See facts about Museum of Sex open to the public

See facts about Museum of Sex open to the public
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When the Museum of Sex first emerged on New York City’s Fifth Avenue on October 5, 2002, it was without precedent in the museum world. In the development of its inaugural award winning exhibition NYCSEX: How New York Transformed Sex in America, the Museum created a board of advisors comprised of leading scholars and historians.

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The Museum’s advisory board has guided curators and guest curators towards research resources, pertinent collections and exhibition relevant artists. The museum was opened to aid in Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction as well as institutional collaborations with New York University’s Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, New-York.

According to the official website for the museum, the founder, Daniel Gluck wanted to start a museum dedicated to "the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality."

Photo: Courtsey// Founder and Executive Director of the Museum of Sex Mr. Daniel Gluck

The official mission of the Museum of Sex is "to preserve and present the history, evolution, and cultural significance of human sexuality. In its exhibitions, programs and publications, The Museum of Sex is committed to open discourse and exchange, and to bringing to the public the best in current scholarship." The museum focuses on a variety of sexual preferences and subcultures, including lesbian and gay history and erotica, BDSM, pornography, and sex work.

Although the museum's exhibits are presented in an educational format, they sometimes feature explicit content. Because of this, visitors must be 18 years old or older.

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The Museum’s permanent collection of over 20,000 artifacts is comprised of works of art, photography, clothing and costumes, technological inventions and historical ephemera. Additionally, the museum houses both a research library as well as an extensive multimedia library, which includes 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm, BETA, VHS and DVDs. From fine art to historical ephemera to film, the Museum of Sex preserves an ever-growing collection of sexually related objects that would otherwise be destroyed and discarded due to their sexual content.

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Mr. Gluck notes that, “Following in the lineage of our distinguished predecessors, The Museum of Sex will produce exhibitions, publications and programs that bring the best of current scholarship on sex and sexuality to the widest possible audiences.”

You can find the letter from the founder here.