There is nothing wrong with a man fixing a meal for his family either occasionally or often if he so wishes.

a man cooking for his family. Photo courtesy

Most women love a man with kitchen expertise. They can be quite territorial on matters concerning their kitchen ‘Kingdom’, however they seem exceptional when the person in question is their man.

Women seem to love the idea of seeing their guy in the kitchen; not to fetch a cold drink from the refrigerator or check out a blocked sink, but cooking for her or the all family.

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Imagine the aroma of fried eggs and hot coffee served in bed by your man on a lazy Saturday morning, or finding your husband cooking while you were working late at work and serving you dinner while seated on the sofa searching for the channel with the best soap opera.

While women are still spending much time in the kitchen preparing meals for their families, in some homes, Fathers and husbands have also embraced the idea of them fixing meals for their cherished families.

This was however the total opposite of an ideal African man, who was instilled with the mentality of the kitchen being a place for women and women alone. That a man cooking for the family was a taboo and it was considered stooping too low from the realm of manhood. Let alone cooking but the idea of stepping in the kitchen was an abomination in itself.

According to Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni, it is not a Man’s role to cook and that since he married he has never stepped in the kitchen, “It is now 45 years with mama Janet and I have never stepped in the kitchen and that’s the way it should be, “the 74-year-old president told the youth entrepreneurs he met in Kampala.

However, this mentality has changed with the modern man, who views cooking as one of the ways of showing love and appreciation to their families, also it is a gesture for commitment to family time.

There is nothing wrong with a man fixing up meals for his family, either occasionally or often if he so wishes, if anything it unifies the family and strengthens family ties.

It is not to say that gender roles should change completely but men should be willing to embrace the idea of participating in cooking for the family, because it has proven more advantageous than disadvantageous.