Have you ever been betrayed and failed to notice early enough? Here is how you realize someone has betrayed you.

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Have you ever been betrayed by a close friend, relative, or colleague? I’m sure at one point in your life; someone has betrayed you in one way or another. You might not have realized it immediately, but you get to realize it in the end. These are some of the behavior shown by those who betray you immediately after they’ve done so.

  1. Shyness. Betrayers are very shy whenever they speak to you, especially on face to face conversations. They find it hard to look at you as usual in your eye because of the guilt of their actions. The guilt haunts them, and they can’t allow themselves to face you with confidence.
  2. Avoidance. If someone has betrayed you, they’ll try as much as possible to avoid you and reduce the number of times you meet. They always fear being noticed by avoiding frequent contact or meetings with them.
  3. Strained conversation. Whenever you have a conversation with them, they strain to communicate because of the guilt. Fluent conversation with them will be affected by the betrayal, and the energy will be drained by guilt, making it hard for them to communicate.
  4. Fewer chats. Betrayers will suddenly reduce the lengthy discussion you used to silence. This is because they feel as if you’ve noticed; hence they end up judging themselves. This will make them avoid having chats with you.

These things will make you realize that someone has betrayed you. Once you’ve noticed betrayal, it’s wise to stay away from the person rather than confronting them. Now you know!