Teenagers start getting curious of sex when they are in the adolescent stage. This leads to early pregnancies and even sexual promiscuity.

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Sexual promiscuity in teenagers could indicate a deeper and more serious problem. Being a teenager is the most sensitive stage of human development. The body of a teenager goes through a lot of changes when they are in the adolescent stage. They start getting curious about sex which in the process leads to early unwanted pregnancies. 

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Statistics show that nearly 700,000 teenagers become pregnant every year. Abortion and unplanned pregnancies are very rampant in universities and other higher learning institutions. Promiscuity is very risky because it can expose one to cervical and prostate cancer, HIV/AIDS, STIs and other sexually transmitted diseases.
Research shows that poverty, poor parenting, peer pressure and lack of proper guidance and cancelling are major causes of sexual promiscuity.

Early exposure to sex and pornography can be addictive and can ruin the life of teenagers. Teenagers who suffer from anxiety issues or major self-esteem problems are also at risk of becoming sexually promiscuous as sexual activity with multiple partners is often viewed as a form of self-validation. For example, 1 out of 10 university students either has a child or is sexually promiscuous. Most teenagers don't understand that people always judge you according to how you behave.

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Many parents feel uncomfortable addressing this issue but it is important to do so because it could result in terrible consequences both emotional and physical. If your teenager is engaging in promiscuous behaviour or suspects he or she is, now is the time to take action.