For I phone lovers and enthusiasts the Tesla Pi is the I phone to get, the phone is to be launched on July 15, 2022 by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

A show case of the new Tesla Pi I phone that will employe starlink technology that is offered by Space X from all settelites placed accross the globe. Photo/ courtesy .

Billionaire Elon musk is among the billionaire now venturing into cell manufacturing. He is already a hegemon in aeronautic and electric car manufacturing with SpaceX and Tesla companies. Space X has privatized space exploration and ventured into new territories of space. The billionaire plan to venture into Mars to make it habitable to humans. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the new Tesla model Pi i phone. Photo/ courtesy. 

The Tesla CEO will give a presentation on this new cell on July 15, 2022. The new is phone Tesla model Pi. This has got everyone in the tech world buzzing with excitement.

The billionaire has said that the new model will revolutionize the tech and cell world. Elon said that the new model has features that further outweigh the new iPhone 14 from Apple.

The features of this phone are beyond expectation. Firstly the phone has a wireless charging system with a battery with a Tesla electronic car from a distance of 3 mètres from the car. The charging is 5 watts. You don't need to take it out of your bag for this.

Tesla model Pi, casing that changes with mood ranges using photochromic coding. Photo/ courtesy 

The phone is launched under the Neuro-link brain implant, which will analyze your mood and behavior. Before you can even think about what you want, the phone could have typed it for you. The Neuro link is helpful for people with brain injury. The phone will connect with the Tesla cars computers laying navigation for steering and direction of the car.

The standard of the Tesla Pi phone will make it stand out from other iPhones. The phone will support mobile communication and satellite connection. It has a RAM of 16 GB with a built-in memory of choice of up to 500GB.

The charger is a type C 5 watts with charging up to 100% in ten minutes. The dust and moist level of up to Ip-68. The camera has four lenses with good night photography macro and microlenses. High-Speed processing is suitable for gamers.

The most exquisite and exciting feature of the Tesla Pi phone is that it has a solar panel fitted on the back. This feature makes charging the phone convenient as you can put it in direct sunlight for charging. According to the manufacturer's assurance, the battery charges up to 20% of the exposed thirty minutes. Relief and delight for climate and global warming Pioneers.

The phone is fitted with a titanium case that will change color according to mood and state of health. The secret to this is the changes in temperature of the hands and photochromic coding. If you fall in love, the color of the casing will change, fall I'll, and the color will change too.

This design was done by Antonio De Rosa, who also had a hand designing the Apple style. The front casing is ultra-durable and not subject to cracks Incase it drops. More unique features never seen before in a mobile phone. For Phone enthusiasts, this is the phone to get.