A father mysteriously loses his life while in the comfort of his house.

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In the deep serene environment of Nyosi E village,Bogeka location,Kitutu chache south constituency in Kisii County,a man by the name of Alois Omwenga Ongosi was reported to have mysteriously lost his life yesterday while in his homestead.The cause of his death is not yet established but the family to the deceased believe that someone was behind his death.
According to the statement given by his daughter on the same day,she claimed that she arrived home from school and found her father dead on the bed.Reports also indicate that he had blood on his ribs in what would be narrated as more of a murder case than a suicidal one.

The ill fated day was one of unprecedented shock and tears from the family of the deceased.In a tearful statement,the brother to the deceased shared his sadness and unexpectation categorically saying that he and his late brother were always in good terms.He also added that his death caught him by surprise.

[Daughter to the late Alois Omwenga Ongosi:Photo Courtesy:Getembe Tv]

The family of the late Alois Omwenga also added that there has been alot of mysterious deaths in the area.They also called out for the government to look into the matter.In their press statement,the leaders of the community came out strong to state that they will work together with the local authorities  to ensure that justice is served to the berieved family.The leaders also warned that whoever orchestrated the murder would be found guilty and would not be spared as soon as investigations to the incident is concluded.

[Brother to the late Alois Omwenga Ongosi:Photo Courtesy;Getembe Tv].

The name Alois Omwenga Ongosi still rings a bell in the mind of his family.The  previous father of two  lost his life in a mysterious cause.This comes years after the family lost the youngest member of the family(the late son to the deceased) out of unknown reasons as well.The family remains hopeful that questions about their loved one would be answered.

In previous articles done by Getembe Tv digital including that of the mysterious death of John Moturi and that of Mr.Josephat Nyangeso,ghost murders are becoming rampant in Kisii County.Though there has been various police statements on these individual murders,one question still remains unanswered.How secure are the people of Kisii county against the ghost murderers and the police?  then if  the people of Kisii county are not safe,what are the measures that the county government is taking to ensure its citizens are kept safe?

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