The president of Kenya has warned Kenyans from crossing swollen rivers after kitui tragedy that killed more than 30 people. Uhuru has joined with other leaders to sympathize with the families that lost their loved ones.


In the Kitui accident that killed over 30 people, a bus was carrying passengers to a wedding when it fall into River Enziu in Kitui.The presindent wished a quick recovery tose who servived the accident and they were rushed to Mwigi level four hospital.The president therefore asked Kenyans to pay attention to the government advisory in contrast to attempting to cross swollen Rivers.
The President has joined other leaders to symphatize with the families that lost their loved ones after a bus they  werer travelling in dipped into River Enziu in Mwigi Kitui County. The accident claimed over 20 lives on sarturday on Sarturday December 4, the bus belonging to St. Joseph  seminary Mwigi was carrying passengers to a wedding ceremony in Nuu area.

A bus fall into the river photocourtesy

The driver marshalled the bus into the river in a bid to cross over to the other side.but ther river confussion pushed it away before it fully drowned. This was an overnight downpour washed away Dr Malombe bridge which connects Nuu ward in Mwingi to other parts of Kitui County. One of the eye witnesses claimed that the bus Driver had been warned not to cross the river.
Cristopher Musili who servived the accident narrated that the bus had 70 passengers on board as other people jumped into it when it began crossing the river.  It also came into view that 15 people were reportedly members of the same family including Jane Mutua the daughter of the Bridegroom and her 3 children.more than 30 people icluding the st Cecilia Catholic church members were still unaccounted.
As reported previously one of the servivors narrated why the driver took the risky decision to drive across the ranging River Enziu waters which swallowed them instantly. the servivor who was among the 10 people who were rescued said that he and his fellow passangers stood besides the river for some hours waiting for the waters to subside. since the water level was not going down and time was not on their side,  the members who inluded catholic church choir members pressured the driver to drive across the river. According to the servivor  simon kea, a Nurse the driver was hesitant but he bowed to the pressure of the travellers who were concerned they were getting late to the wedding.