Unga prices may not come down without subsidy- Mithika Linturi

Unga prices may not come down without subsidy- Mithika Linturi
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Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Nominee Mithika Linturi has killed all Kenyan’s hopes for cheaper costs of living moreso maize flour within a short period of time.

The CS, while being vetted at the National Assembly Committee said it is so unlikely for cooking flour prices to come down unless the government reintroduces the subsidy program.

“The price of unga I don’t think will also come down immediately unless the government is willing and ready to continue with the subsidy to bring down the cost. The matter will be discussed,” Linturi said.

Many Kenyans were eager to hear from the president on Mashujaa day celebrations on matters pertaining costs of living, an issue that was not discussed in any aspect in the presidential speech.

Photo: Courtesy// CS nominee Agriculture and Livestock

Linturi’s takes comes after a failed attempted by the government to cushion Kenyans from costly Ugali through a subsidy program that retired president Uhuru Kenyatta announced the Fifth Stimulus Program in July covering the supply and distribution of maize flour across the country at a cost of Sh8 billion, to help lower the cost of living for vulnerable households.

Uhuru directed that a 2kg packet of maize flour to retail at Sh100 down from Sh205 until otherwise directed.

The program however died shortly after due to several spot checks which found empty maize flour shelves in various supermarkets, with some retail shops only stocking premium brands that sold at Sh230 per 2kg bag.

The fail, according to millers was attributed to delays in receiving funds for the program. Kenyans are currently using the options for sifted maize flour from posho mills with a 2kg tin of maize retailing between sh. 180 to sh. 200