Bodaboda riders at karantini stage Gesma ward, Kitutu  Masaba ,Nyamira county complain of being harassed by vigilantes People, these  are member of a volunteer committee organized to suppress and punish those who break laws.

bodaboda operators credit;citizen

In Nyamira county, numerous non-state armed groups have taken over Kitutu -Masaba constituency providing security in   this areas where locals claimed that it lacks security.These vigilantes often walk down the streets to tightened the security of the area but these groups often combine people of different traits Some of them might be criminal gangs or poor young boys in the neighbourhood who are robbing people who pass by that route.

Bodaboda riders at Karatina Stage in Kitutu - Masaba sub location. credit :citizen

On 12th July, a round evening hours past curfew time, a man by the name Innocent Ogeto was beaten by the so called vigilantes while he was coming back from hospital. According the report his motorcycle was destroyed, he was beaten by Vigilantes patrolling the area. The bodaboda association are saying that these vigilante groups are gangs who are corrupted, preying on their community and extorting passengers and bodaboda riders. One of the motorcycle rider said that this vigilantes have control over the area.

 armed vigilate groups  on the  thenewhumantarian org

Locals are requesting the authorities take action and those vigilantes to be held accountable for violation of the rule of law "we do not need them, they became part of the problem rather than part of the solution." says the bodaboda operator who was preyed on.