Women stay with cheating men because of convenience, protecting their children's mental health and to also maintain their status.


Women stay because of convenience. A good number of women will not sacrifice financial security or give up the lifestyle they have gotten used to because their man was selfish and decided to go astray. Some women can even go to an extent of 'kusambaza' their men to their friends because they are simply tired of them.

Woman and man looking stressed. Photo courtesy

Some women stay because of their children. They think of how their children will be affected with them being separate from their father. They stay to protect their children from living without fathers in their lives. By them staying,they are protecting their children from society trauma. People in the society tend to talk a lot which might affects the children. These women are forced to live with the trauma of being cheated and lied on with their men.
Women stay because they still want to maintain the status of being married without having to do the heavy work required of a single or unmarried woman. This forces them to stay with the pain of being cheated on while they enjoy their own space and close their eyes and pretend that their men are not cheating on them.

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They stay to make sure they outstanding their competitor. They do this by making sure that the other woman doesn't move into the main house or become the main wife to the man. A woman can despise her man but still do good things to him while planning to revenge. Women even go to an extent to cook his favorite meals, ironing his clothes but deep down she has an agenda that she needs to accomplish while being with him. That's the world we live in today.