Mr. Kooli County Commander of Kisii Traffic team inspecting those flouting Covid Rules on the Kisii-Nairobi Route.

A police officer arresting a suspected Covid violator.

Kisii Police traffic were yesterday accompanied by their police commander Mr.Francis Kooli on a manhunt for those drivers and passengers who were flouting the Covid-19 rules imposed by the government last week. The police erected road blocks to inspect the vehicles plying Kisii-Nairobi route as they speculated that many drivers are not adhering to the Covid-19 rules thus causing the surge in Covid cases in Kisii County. The residents who were interviewed by Getembe Tv said that they were applauding the County Government effort to curb the spread of the virus.

During the inspection various drivers and passengers were arrested by police as some of them were not wearing masks and some vehicles were overloaded with passengers. The manhunt was a surprise as many drivers didn't expect the inspection thus caught unaware. The police who were at the block said they wouldn't back up from the inspection until drivers and passengers adhere to the Covid-19 rules as they are ready to curb the rising cases.

When interviewed by Getembe Tv County Commander Mr.Kooli said that those escaping the inspection by plying a different route are not lucky as they would not escape them as they are everywhere and they know escape the routes. To add on that Mr. Kooli said that he will ensure that the Covid cases in Kisii County go to extinction as he will ensure that the residents of Kisii County adhere to the Covid rules as that is the only way to reduce the cases.

On recently updated Covid cases Kisii County had reported 35 new cases as the Western Region of Kenya has been a hotspot of Covid as recently reported by the Cabinet Minister for Health Mr. Mutahi Kagwe.