Actress Star Chebet's mysterious posts raises concerns

Jun 6, 2024 - 16:05
Jun 6, 2024 - 16:25
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Actress Star Chebet's mysterious posts raises concerns

Kenyan actress, content creator and entertainer Star Chebet has raised alarm after posting on her Instagram posts and stories. The last time cherop posted was in March and hasn’t posted since then until today with a cryptic message.

“Hey guys, imekua kitambo tangu nipost hapa, but life has been moving too fast. I don't know if I'll be okay by the end of the day, but I got myself into something I can't really reverse. Life is spiritual and I think I tapped into the wrong realms in my search for peace of mind and tapped into the wrong energies," Chebet posted.

"Nilitumika kufungua portal on Kimugu river in Kericho and got initiated into something i did'nt expect...I did'nt know what was happening until it happened.Life is spiritual and spirits get into conflicts subconsiously sometimes.I'm on my way to Nakuru na vile hii gari inasonga.....My insticts zinaonyesha sitakua sawa."Chebet posted this hours ago and later informed her fans that she arrived in Nakuru safely.

Fans and friends are really concerned and many have tried reaching hear including Abel Mutua and Lynn Ngugi although she has not responded to any.

Chebet also gave a precaution to her fans using a weird message,”Wanasema bangi si mboga but be with the right company while at it na usikae pekee yako sana. Na msipige picha na watu ovyo ovyo. So many innocent souls get trapped in spaces they do not belong," She wrote.

As the news spread, fans and friends are willing to offer support and encouragement to the actress during this moment of sorrow she is having.


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