Former Tabaka MCA calls out Kisii county government on exploitation available in soapstone mining

Jun 18, 2024 - 10:37
Jun 19, 2024 - 12:29
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Former Tabaka MCA calls out Kisii county government on exploitation available in soapstone mining

Soapstone, a treasured natural resource found in the Gusii region, faces a dire threat as theft and unauthorized export activities escalate.

Honorable Daniel Abebo, the former Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Tabaka and a prominent soapstone businessman, has raised urgent concerns regarding the sustainability and security of this unique cultural and economic asset.

Hon. Abebo has highlighted the severity of this issue, emphasizing that if immediate measures are not implemented, Gusii land could see its soapstone reserves depleted, erasing a vital part of Kenya's cultural landscape."The soapstone is being stolen and exported outside the country at an alarming rate," warned Hon. Abebo. "If no step is taken quickly, we risk losing this invaluable resource entirely."

The illegal export of soapstone not only threatens the physical reserves but also undermines the local economy. Soapstone carving is a significant source of income for many families in Kisii County.

The loss of this resource would have a ripple effect, leading to economic hardship for the artisans and their communities who rely on soapstone for their livelihoods.

Soapstone holds cultural significance for the Gusii people. It is used to create traditional carvings that tell stories, preserve history, and maintain the community's cultural identity.

The theft and export of soapstone strip the community of its heritage, leaving a cultural void that cannot be easily filled.

Hon. Abebo has called on the Kisii County government to take decisive action. He has urged the authorities to develop and implement strategies that would safeguard the soapstone reserves and promote sustainable mining practices.

One of his key recommendations is to establish a regulated market for soapstone within the county, ensuring that all transactions are legal and beneficial to the local community.

"The county government of Kisii must take immediate steps to protect our soapstone," urged Hon. Abebo. "We need a structured approach to selling and marketing our soapstone to prevent illegal activities and ensure that the benefits of this resource stay within our community."

Several measures have been proposed to address the challenges facing the soapstone industry in Gusii land.The plight of soapstone in Gusii land is a pressing issue that demands immediate attention.

With the concerted efforts of the Kisii County government, local communities, and stakeholders, it is possible to protect this valuable resource, ensuring that it continues to benefit future generations. Hon. Daniel Abebo's call to action serves as a crucial reminder of the need to safeguard our natural 

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