'Fred Matiangi Should Be The Next President After Ruto' - Gen Z

Jun 24, 2024 - 16:42
Jun 24, 2024 - 16:59
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'Fred Matiangi Should Be The Next President After Ruto' - Gen Z

The Generation Z protests over the contentious finance bill have not only generated an unexpected debate on the country's taxation regimes but has also brought former CS Fred Matiangi in the mix. 

The protesting youth now want to play a key role on who becomes the next president after Dr. William Ruto whom they feel has let them aand the country down and many feel Dr. Matiangi is his ideal successor.

From nowhere the name of Dr. Matiangi a former power man under president Uhuru's regime has cropped up with all manner of memes promoting what the content creators now call Ruto's suitable replacement.

What started like a mere joke where names would be dropped on who they would prefer as the country's chief executive the name of Matiangi emerges.

It's surprising how easily the Gen Z are comfortably rooting for Matiangi yet a section of Kenyans a few months ago celebrated when he was being harassed by the state.

To some, Matiangi deserved the harassment for what they claim was his “Role in being hard on Ruto and his brigade when he served as internal security minister".

However there's a feeling among his confidants that he should never bother offering himself for any service to Kenyans after some celebrated his humiliation by the current administration.

Some of his close friends have kept urging him to tread with caution the sudden love for him by some Kenyans.  A section of his family members and close confidants were also targeted for humiliation soon after Raila whom he was campaigning for narrowly lost to Ruto.

Videos of Dr. Matiangi talking tough on Dr. Ruto and those who were opposed to then President, Uhuru Kenyatta have dominated various platforms.

But are the under 30s seemingly comfortable with Dr. Matiangi?

“When Matiangi was assigned any docket, things suddenly they started working out. We are sure if he is given a bigger role of restoring the country's governance to its factory (independence) settings, things will for sure work", said one of the protesting teens.

Many believe the no nonsense Matiangi will end endemic corruption in government which has denied them job opportunities. 

To them Matiangi is an epitome of what a sober, result minded and a reformist person he is.

While serving as a Cabinet Secretary under Uhuru, Matiangi courtesy of his workaholic nature earned himself supervisory role which made many refer to him as a super CS.

Super he was till he was seen by many as a 'PM ' due to his ability to seamlessly coordinate government works across ministries. 

He chaired many cabinet sub committees whose service delivery to the general public improved.  He brought changes to all ministries he served key among them that of education where he sorted cartels that influenced grading in national examinations, ICT, where he oversaw the digital migration from analogue to digital.

Dr. Matiangi while serving in the internal security, he scaled down chaos brought into the country by terrorists.

Matiangi is admired by millions of the young Kenyans who believe given his known fallout with Dr. Ruto coupled with his forthrightness, he will transform the country to the satisfaction.

Prior to the last elections, many hadn't anticipated Matiangi to be fronted by the ruling group.

But speaking at one of the campaign rallies in Nyamira County where he was hosted by Dr Matiangi, opposition chief Raila Odinga disclosed that at some point they had made up their mind to front Matiangi for president. 

Said Raila "At some point we had resolved to rally behind Matiangi to take on those on the others idea but, after further consultations, Matiangi himself suggested they let me go into that forest".

In the subsequent polls Raila narrowly lost to President Ruto.

With the pleasure from the Gen Z, Kenyans have once again started looking at Matiangi’s chances of succeeding Ruto come2027 were he to run.

The opposition is now considering Kalonzo's Musyoka as a compromise candidate. Currently, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagu has fallen out with the inner cycle of president ruto and he too has hinted at chances of talking with other leaders with a view of working together in the next polls.

Recently at a function he attended together with Kalonzo, Gachagua said the next polls will be interesting as he was flexible to talk to other leaders on the way forward.

The besieged DP is busy mobilizing his Mt. Kenya backyard with many concluding he might consider to seek new partners a head of the next polls.

If Raila wins the AUC seat he’s vigorously campaigning for and decides together with former president Uhuru Kenyatta to throw their weight behind him, Matiangi will be miles ahead in the next presidential contest.

Were the opposition to also as a team resolve to settle on Matiangi and then the Gen Z make good their suggestion to back him, he will be a presidential candidate to watch.

Two months ago, Kisii Governor Simba Arati declared publicly while touring Nyamira County that Dr. Matiangi will be back in the political scene and he will play key role in the next polls.

However as the country watches the direction the new ant finance bill wave by the youngsters will take, Matiangi has taken studious silence on local politics. 

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