Kenyan Gen Z Fixing Mistakes made by their Parents

The government forgot to tax our voices and this is just a birth of a new revolt.

Jun 20, 2024 - 14:30
Jun 20, 2024 - 14:41
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Kenyan Gen Z Fixing Mistakes made by their  Parents

Kenyan’s millennial successors have decided this time the revolution must be televised and they really mean it. 

It started as a joke on twitter after some influencers started to push for hashtags like #Occupyparliament and #revolutionke. Other posters also were disseminated across social media and any other forum the seemed to attract more young Kenyans. 

The main motive of this movement was to confirm to the Kenya Kwanza government (allegedly God chosen government) that people are tired with the ever skyrocketing taxes imposed on Kenyans recklessly.

Just because the government is not yet fed up with borrowing taxes, it doesn’t mean that citizens of our beautiful Kenya are also satisfied with the borrowers. Gen z have agreed to come together and fight for what they feel is right.

In a shocking turn of events, Kenyan Gen Z has taken to the streets to protest against the dreaded Finance Bill 2024 that seems to add fuel to the fire.

Young people are actually standing up against taxes and financial regulations imposed on them either they are affecting them directly on not. .

Who would have thought that the generation known for Instagram selfies would be so passionate about fiscal policy? I guess you know it’s the Kenya Kwanza government.
The Finance Bill, which aims to increase taxes on essential goods and services like bread, health services, sanitary towels, has sparked outrage among Kenyan youth. And they're not taking it lying down. Armed with memes, witty signs, and a whole lot of attitude, Gen Z is making sure their voices are heard.
One protester, was seen carrying a placard written “You claim that the government was chosen by God yet we all know God wasn’t a registered voter”. The hustler basically meant that Kenyans know that they can’t be oppressed in their motherland yet they can do something to fix the nation.

Suffering Kenyans had given President Ruto time to liberate them but time is not on their side. It’s enough. We can’t be waiting for the second coming of God and still wait for someone to execute his duties effectively. At least with the power we have, we are eligible to smoke out one of them,

But it's not just about bubble tea and sneakers. Gen Z is also concerned about the impact of the Finance Bill on small businesses and low-income families. They argue that the increased taxes will only widen the gap between the rich and the poor, further marginalizing those who are already struggling to make ends meet.

Currently, 70 percent of Kenyans have no jobs and there is no hope of getting any sooner. The rest 30 percent with jobs are overburdened with taxes which after the deduction s, they are rendered jobless. The only job remaining for young people is to keep praying to God for jobs as that’s how things work here in Kenya
Gen Z is demanding transparency and accountability from their government, calling for a more equitable distribution of resources and a fairer tax system. They may be young, but they're not afraid to speak truth to power.
The protests are raging on, it's clear that Kenyan Gen Z is not backing down. They're determined to make their voices heard and to fight for a better future for themselves and their country. And who knows, maybe they'll even come up with a solution to the Finance Bill that involves less math and more bubble tea.

CS Kindiki’s spanner boys are not getting it easy trying to disperse the hustlers from doing what is right. Some zoomers are even singing still while in those police cells. It’s giving out Sarafina vibes.


As the sun rose over Nairobi, a new dawn of activism emerged as young Kenyans gathered with homemade signs that read “RUTO MUST GO”, handkerchiefs, bottle of water while wearing sneakers.

Meanwhile, in the heart of Eldoret town, the destruction of UDA wheelbarrow symbols prompted one protester to quip, "Looks like the wheelbarrows aren't rolling in the dough anymore!"

The irony of a symbol of prosperity meeting its demise at the hands of frustrated youth armed with nothing but determination and maybe a few memes.As the day keeps unfolding, the protests are taking on a life of its own, with Gen Z activists using their social media savvy to spread their message far and wide. Despite the levity of the situation, the underlying message was crystal clear: Gen Z is tired of being left in the dark when it comes to financial matters.

They want transparency, they want accountability, and if possible, they want it delivered in a TikTok video with a catchy dance routine for them to consume it perpendicularly.

The government forgot to tax our voices and this is just a birth of a new revolt.


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