When Azimio fraternity called for a mass action to culminate in the mothe of all mass action in Nairobi on the 20th of March 2023, It could have been assumed that the mass action were to touch on the national government alone. 

The reality is that Kenya is made up of 47 counties, counties who do not stand alone away from the country. Counties headed by political leaders in the name of Governors. Governors who have a mandate to make their counties better by touching the lives of the county residents. 

For instance if there is mass action in Kisii County against the national government, it means that the county government will be disrupted and nothing is likely to move on. The same case will apply to Nairobi County, Siaya County up to all the 47 Counties.

The worry is, how are county governors going to navigate through the maandamano to make sure their individual counties are not disrupted? The County governors just like the President had opponents, opponents who have either taken low profiles or taken into other duties, private or otherise. Is there a thought that what if the former governor aspirants call for mass action in their respective counties against the individual governors demanding for whatever they may think is going on or not going on in their respective counties?

That brings out the awkwardness in the whole situation. If Governor Simba Arati for instance wants to work smoothly he needs no mass action in Kisii County which is Kenya. He needs no any form of disruption and distraction of any kind. If he had away may be he could tell protesters to go and protest in kenya and not in his county. I bet that is the same case with all the other county governors. "Go to Kenya where there is a problem and protest there because in my county we don't have a problem as a county".

The mtego wa panya is here, the mtego which led to the fall of everybody who thought that they had nothing to do with it. Yaani ule mtego wa panya uingia waliomo na wasiokuwemo. The mtego has left many people in awkward positions and especially county governors, to be specific Azimio affiliated county governors who have to take a step that ought not to hurt the feelings of their organisation and the leadership.

In  Migori protesters have already barricaded roads and you guessed it right, they are not led by their governor. As a governor, calling or not calling for mass action is the true definition of being in the horns of a dilemma.