This article basically explains the invention and application of aeral imagery in modern agriculture


With the rise in technology and the invention of machines to make agriculture easier, aerial imagery is one of the inventions commonly used today.

It's mostly used by large-scale farmers and with the rise of agricultural revolutions, small-scale farmers are also considering the same.

Aerial imagery is basically the ability to provide a bird's eye view of your farm without stepping out of one's house or office. And with this one image, one can access a lot of information at once.


Itwas first invented in 1858 by Gaspard Felix Toumachon. Commonly used tools are; 

Use of UAVs I.e drones

Manned aircraft

Satellite delivery imagery.

Agriculture companies use aerial imagery for 

Create crop management plans

Perform in-season analysis of the land.

Evaluate the impact of fertilizers and account for water distribution within crop zones

       4. Constructing facilities for harvesting, storage, processing, and distribution.

Small scale farmers can also use this method to 

Monitor, control, and manage the state of crops from extreme weather conditions 

Monitor diseases, pests, and other threats

Despite being useful in the Agricultural field, aerial imagery has its disadvantages, I.e it requires basic knowledge and skills to operate those drones and they're expensive to acquire.