Babu Gee Omosayansi Biography: Biggest Kisii Musician, Real Name, Age, Music Career, Wife And Hit Songs

Babu Gee Omosayansi Biography: Biggest Kisii Musician, Real Name, Age, Music Career, Wife And Hit Songs and many more you need to know

Oct 11, 2023 - 17:38
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Babu Gee Omosayansi Biography: Biggest Kisii Musician, Real Name, Age, Music Career, Wife And Hit Songs

Babu Gee Omosayansi is one of the most celebrated Gusii musicians.His unique style has made him the pioneer of Gusii urban music, earning him national and international recognition through the hashtag #Gusii2theWorld.He is the brains behind hits like Chianyire, Chimbeba, and Chipigipigi, which can be heard blaring regularly from clubs, cars, events, and Gusii radio stations.He is also the man behind Shabana FC’s new anthem, which some say psyched them to win the 2023 National Super League Cup, their best in the history of the club.

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Early Life

Babu’s real name is Davinson Nyaberi Mong’are. Sources indicate that he was born on July 29th, 1990 in Mokomoni, Nyamira county.The name ‘Babu Gee’ was a fond nickname from his mother, which stuck with him throughout his life.He discovered his talent and recorded his first hit song while schooling at Nyamiranga High School in Nyamira.When he gained popularity in his music career, he decided to nickname himself ‘Omosayansi’, a scientist of music.‘I decided to nickname myself Omosayansi to differentiate myself and make my name unique from that of the numerous musicians called Mong’are,” he said in an interview.

First hit song

Bau Gee’s first hit was ‘Ujinga ni’, which he recorded with Jomino records while still in high school.His first recording company of choice was the then-trending Calif Records, which had produced heavyweight musicians like Kenrazzy, Nonini, and Jua Cali.However, he was not well received at Califf as he was an upcoming musician. So, he moved to Jomino, where he was well received and his talent was appreciated.Formerly, Babu Gee used to sing Swahili songs. His ambition to start singing Gusii songs came from the urge to replace traditional Gusii musicians like Sagero.“I sat down and wondered who would replace these old musicians once they retired. I discovered that the answer was myself,” he says.Consequently, he created a new genre of urban Gusii music that has been the yard stick since then.His debut Gusii hit song was Ntwarwara, which some politicians used during the 2017 general elections for their campaigns.However, contrary to popular belief, he wrote the song almost a year before the elections but postponed the release date to coincide with the elections.

The song’s message is about the need to celebrate after overcoming struggles.

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Wife and marriage

Babu is married to Susan Moraa Antoni. Their wedding was an event to behold, held at the iconic Kisii Sports Club.Unlike some celebrities, Omosayansi constantly posts pictures of his beautiful wife and lifestyle on social media, saying that he wants other people to be inspired by his achievements.He also ranks himself as the best-performing Kenyan artist. He looks up to mugithi veteran Samidoh, whom he admires for constantly trending despite singing Kikuyu music.He also celebrates Prince Indah, the king of Ohangla, for his clean music videos and positive message to society.His crowning moment was in the 2021 Mashujaa Day celebrations where he performed before former president Uhuru Kenyatta.“That was my opportunity to showcase to the world the talent of Kisii musicians,” he says.Aside from being a musician, Babu Gee Omosayansi is an actor, a comedian, and a regular scriptwriter for Ndizi TV. He is in the process of producing his debut movie.He is also a brand ambassador for notable companies like Icons Hub. His YouTube channel has over 64 000 fans, a testament to his incredible talent.

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