Culture according to the African setup is the way of peoples living and this is distinctive  to the way of a people. The beliefs, values, behavior and material objects that constitute a people’s way of life. As the Swahili saying goes “mwacha mila ni mtumwa” there has been a debate concerning the way we are doing our activities and even adopting to the new western culture.

The current generation with the advancement in technology things seem to be going very fast. Whether in education, technology, agriculture, in social lives new practices seem to penetrate to our culture, some may seem too complex for us to comprehend and as a people with our forefathers wisdom, if they had an opportunity of living again they could wonder on how fast our culture is likely to be eroded if care could be taken.

Matters of dressing we have had ourselves to blame for some shaming acts like dressed, almost half naked especially to the girl child, leading to some acts like rape that are increasingly reported on the media. To the boy child lack of self-control is lacking and there is no limit in whatever they do. Some diseases have been contracted due to bad dressing like putting on too tight clothing that is dangerous to the way our bodies function. Instead people need to dress is modesty and decent apparel.

Health diseases have been experienced and much of people’s earning have been directed to the hospitals because many are ailing from complicated diseases. People are feeding on processed foods that end up causing the human body experience difficulties leading to diseases and avoiding the foods that are highly richly in fiber. Mostly those of our time lived long time unlike people of this age and time because of these practices our life span has been reduced.

On issues of social being there has been issue of freedoms and rights of people. Everything that has freedoms has limits and if it cannot be properly looked unto then it means that bad habits are going to be handed down to those that are coming after. In the recent bishops have been seen to condemn the issue of LGBTQ, something that has evoked debate and most parents have a duty to ensure that our morals are to be upheld and everybody has a right to defend at all costs to defend our Africanism and show our patriotism to our culture.

Our leaders need to boldly come out and condemn whatever issue that are  going against the culture and traditions of a people. It’s high time parents, religious leaders, politicians, teachers  and everybody come out to defend what is right, so that incase those who can go against what is required of them when they find themselves in a mess, they could have themselves to blame. Before we get to the extreme where correction will not be ideal let’s