Embarambamba’s Claim for Being Hated by Kisii’s Unlike Other Tribes,

Kisii musician Embarambamba, reveals that his tribe mates are not supportive of his music. Kisii men feel embarrassed by his wearing of skirts and accuse him of being part of the LGBTQ community to which he replies that he is only doing that to grow his YouTube page. The release of the musician's new song ''nataka kunyonywa'' has led to many to calling for his cancellation. The executive of the KFCB advised Embarambamba against doing ''weird'' stunts to please fans.

Oct 16, 2023 - 14:59
Oct 17, 2023 - 13:27
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Embarambamba’s Claim for Being Hated by Kisii’s Unlike Other Tribes

Controversial kisii gospel singer Christopher Mosioma Nyang'wara who goes by the stage name Embarambamba, has claimed that his own Kisii tribe has not shown him the love support and recognition that he deserves, despite him being famous.

While in an interview with fellow famous youtubers, the musician revealed a number of events that have left him feeling unappreciated in his own home. He claims that his fellow Kisii people had initially criticized him calling him abnormal when he embarked on his music career for the first time. He even recalled an incident where he was removed from the list of performers at a presidential function in KIsii due to their negative perceptions. He expressed disappointment in that no one in Kisii had ever invited him to perform compared to other tribes. He also revealed that his early music career was met with criticism and was labelled as abnormal.


Why is Embarambamba Not Happy with Kisiis?

Embarambamba, known for his energetic stage performances revealed that Kisiis don’t like him at all hence he has never been invited to any event in Kisii as an artiste. “I have never been invited to any event in Kisii as an artiste. All tribes have invited me but no Kisii. They have realized I am a big name despite their rejection”. The singer added that he rose to fame not because of his songs, but because of his bizarre and insane dressing styles.


Is Embarambamba a Member of LGBTQ?

Previously people had accused him of being part of the LGBTQ community as per his dressing style. He however, turned down the accusations and defended his dressing style by saying he did it to get mileage for his new youtube channel. Kisii men claim that the singer is embarrassing men from the Kisii community by dressing like a woman and shaking his ‘behind’ on social media platforms.

Some of the Facebook users even went ahead to quote bible verses prohibiting men from sharing clothes with women. Others kept saying that the number of men in the country keeps reducing because of such actions. Despite people trolling him, by throwing bad comments to him. Some Kenyans were pleased by his creativity as a content creator, saying that it is a nice and fun way to connect with his Fans, promote his music and encouraged him to keep up with the good work.


Netizens Reaction to Embarambamba’s New Song Nataka Kunyonywa

Controversial artist Embarambamba has once again stirred controversy on the release of his latest song. He has been trending after he released a song dubbed ‘Nataka Kunyonywa’, which left many calling for his cancellation due to its suggestive undertones. In the video the artist expresses his desire for God to cleanse him in what some people think is vulgar language. These are some of the song’s lyrics.

“Nataka uninyonye nyonye nyonye, nataka uninyonye dhambi zangu, shetani akae mbali, nataka uninyonye dhambi zangu. Shetani alale mbele….ukinyonya dhambi zangu, Nitakuwa na nguvu mpya. Ukinyonya dhambi zangu, nitakuwa mzawa mpya. Nataka uninyonye, uninyonye, uninyonye…” 

Sitaki kukuambia unipatie, ulinipatia hapo mapema nikajienjoy nikasikia vizuri nikapumua vizuri…”

He stated that his unconventional antics and undertones are deliberately designed to captivate and engage audiences with his content but people are misunderstanding his songs.

The Chief Executive of the KFCB, (Kenya Film Classification Board) Ezekiel Mutua has warned enthusiastic musician Embarambamba against injuring himself with rare stunts. He advised the artist not to do ‘weird’ things just to please fans.

Mutua took on issues on Embarambamba’s unique style of entertaining his fans where he pulls extreme stunts.


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