FKFPL Did AFC Leopards fan frenzy outshine Shabana's cheer spectacle despite draw?

Fans turned Lang'ata into a laughter-filled carnival as AFC Leopards and Shabana clashed, proving cheering can draw level with goals.

Oct 3, 2023 - 08:50
Oct 3, 2023 - 14:41
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FKFPL Did AFC Leopards fan frenzy outshine Shabana's cheer spectacle despite draw?
afc leopards fan at ulinzi complex
      AFC Leopards and Shabana clashed, proving cheering can draw level with goals.

Sunday, October 1, marked a day of epic proportions in the Football Kenya Federation Premier League (FKFPL), as AFC Leopards squared off against Shabana. 

The atmosphere was electric, and the fans, well, they were like an unruly pack of siblings arguing over who gets the last piece of cake. Yes, folks, it was a day when even the fans drew level with their teams, quite literally!

To those unacquainted with the clash, this was the birth of a new 'derby' in town. But let me tell you, they might not have heard the name of the derby, but they certainly felt the heat of the rivalry. It was like a family reunion after a long, long time, with all the banter and drama you would expect.

The Ulinzi Sports Complex in Lang'ata served as the battleground for this epic encounter, and over 5,000 fans flooded the stadium. Traffic along Lang'ata Road was brought to a standstill as fans, dressed in their team's unique fashions, converged on the venue from the early hours of the morning. It was a sight to behold, with fans singing and dancing in the streets, proudly displaying their allegiance.

In the stands, the atmosphere was nothing short of magical. Drums from Isukuti, the favorite among Leopards fans, ruled the airwaves. But wait, there was a twist! Shabana's Kisii region rhythms added a spicy flavor to the music, creating a unique symphony that captured the essence of this historic clash.

Despite the intense rivalry on the field, the fans showed remarkable camaraderie off it. They embraced each other, sharing stories and laughter, although during the match, most preferred to stay in their respective corners of the stadium. It was like a temporary ceasefire in the middle of a heated battle.

Adding to the spectacle were the Warembo na Shabana and AFC Leopards Ingwelets, who graced the stands with their beauty. The sight left many male fans not only on the edge of their seats but also discreetly wiping away drool. Who said football was just about goals?

Now, here is where the plot thickened. AFC Leopards, as the home side, decided to introduce a new ticketing system. Gone were the days of paper tickets; it was all electronic. Fans had to navigate through this brave new world of technology to secure their spots, and let's just say some found it easier than others. It was like a mini-game of  in the stadium.As for the match itself, it was a nail-biter! The final score? A 1-1 draw that left both sets of fans with mixed feelings. Brian Yakhama scored the opener for Ingwe, sending their supporters into wild celebrations. 

But hold your horses, folks! Peter Ongechi had the last laugh, equalizing for Shabana and sending their fans into a frenzy of their own. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, and the fans were living every moment of it.So, what is next for this fiery clash? Well, it's high time this 'derby' got a name of its own. We have the Mashemeji Derby between AFC Leopards and Gor, the Kenya Police v Ulinzi -Forces Derby, and the Gor v Ulinzi -Sirkal Derby. The AFC Leopards versus Shabana showdown deserves a moniker that reflects the passion, rivalry, and sheer madness that unfolded on that unforgettable Sunday.

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