Principles of health that we need.

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Health in today’s world has become something to be treasured. Due to many diseases and lots of uncertainties God desired that human beings be of good health, which is the greatest desire of every human being. In 3rd john 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in good health, even as thy soul prospereth. Many have taken the gift of good health for granted by not giving adherence to the principles that re available in making our lives better.

We will get to look at different aspects that if well taken into consideration then our unnecessary visits to the doctors will be a thing of the past.

Water in itself plays an important role. Most people only think of it, when washing utensils, clothing, mopping e.t.c without forgetting that it is important in drinking.  In drinking water we will avoid constipation, Water is important for the life and functioning of organs in our body.  Thought processes, movements, nerve function, blood circulation, digestion, elimination of waste, it also makes our skin look younger. At least make an effort of drinking at least eight glasses of water daily.


Fresh air. Is very important in our places of living, unlike with the change of climate that seems an headache to our world. When we are in areas where fresh air is an issue, it leads into some diseases like Lung cancer, heart disease, chronic respiratory disease, and even damage to parts of the brain, nerves, liver, or kidneys, etc. Most people intend to stay in areas where the air is polluted like towns so it is in order to ensure that we stay in areas that are free from toxic substances. Our bedrooms need to be clean and once in a while ensure your beddings get some sunlight.


Sunlight is important because it makes our bones strong by providing vitamin D that is essential to our growth. There are times of the day that have good amounts of sunlight that we need to take. Early in the morning and late in the evening are good times that we can basic.


Foods with high fiber. What we eat plays a significant role in the functioning of our body, health, and well-being. What you decide to eat and how you decide to prepare it will impact your health in more ways that we give thought to. In fact we are what we eat. Example when we eat sweet potatoes, we are to eat them even without peeling off their skin. That is how we can make our health impactful and at the same time we need to take a lot of vegetables to help in easing digestion. 


Sleep. Most people in today’s world have become busy enough until they are unable to put time for sleep. Something that ends in in less productivity. . Lack of sleep can compromise immune system effectiveness, which can lead to various forms of health problems. We have some negativity that can lead to lack of sleep. Other problems resulting from lack of sleep includes lack of mental clarity, memory problems, and higher stress level.


Exercise. Making our bodies fit is important. , when fat gets into the muscles of the heart it can causes the heart  with electrical impulses necessary for the proper functioning of the heart. Exercises that are regularly done make the heart stronger and more efficiently. Like most people in offices develop such diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, improve blood flow throughout the body, improves the body’s capacity, and reduces both mental and physical stress.

Self-control. In whatever thing that we do we need to ensure that we do in limits. Too much of something is dangerous. Feelings of helplessness only blocks the creativity of your mind making you feel a victim of circumstance. Human beings are created to have control of themselves and the environment.


Take time and meditate with the busy schedule that people have, there could end up building up of levels in stress but at least having time and think of spiritual issues can act as good medicine. That can lead to healthful living since it can cause relaxation, reduction of stress and at the same time have hope despite what concerning issues of life.