At the height of the Corona Virus Pandemic, many people found themselves in meetings where they had invited themselves. They chaired their own meetings, they took down their own minutes, they prayed, started and adjourned their own meetings. In essence, there were lots and lots of people engaging in monologues which in most cases I can call a minor form of insanity. Some in fact call it "the beginning of madness'.

If all of us can open up on what happened to us individually on such circumstances, we will be having lots and lots of novels and we will change our perceptions on numerous things.

Personally, my meeting were everywhere. Everywhere here means 'EVERYWHERE'. In my meeting of which I proposed ideas, seconded the ideas, vote on the ideas, counted the votes and declared results, I always lost. I think that is what people call stress and depression or both at the same time.

Haron, came back from work, Haron was greated his family, his wife and two children, Haron sat down, Haron took a glass of water... The next phase was...

I picked myself up looked at my phone... Alas! There was a message from a loaning facility. My loan which was due has been defaulted and the penalties are in the coming.

As confused as you can imagine, I went out of my house (rented house) I don't want to confuse you here. Went to the latrine or loo some call it lavatory I don't know why but that is it.

In the toilet I preapred to do what people do and I set myself ready for that long international call. After some countable minutes, I looked out through that space left between the door and the floor. What I saw perplexed me. There were open shoes resembling mine that I was wearing. The shoes were more confusing in that they faced inside the toilet that I was in. 

So, whose shoes were they? I wondered. Where is the owner of the shoes for all the suggestions show that the wearer of the show was supposed to be in here. I asked myself all the questions I could think but the answer was nowhere to be seen.

When I came back to my senses, I looked at the shoes out there, looked at my feet, looked at the shoes again and then ... I didn't know whether to cry or laugh or both. Believe it or not, I had just removed my shoes to enter the whole place. The toilet. I mean who does that?

I know many of you out here or out there have done something of the sort. But may be you have been looking for your phone using the flashlight from the same phone. Some have boiled tomatoes thinking they are boiling eggs and many other things.

But me! Removing my shoes to enter toilet! That was one of my lowest moments of madness. If you are hearing this for the first time, know that you are not alone. I had never heard of such before. It is life, it nearly bursts the bubble in our heads or sometimes our heads are as fragile as bubbles. They nearly burst all the time and the heavy weight of pressures and pleasures of this life. Right, Wrong and Left, at least two mean the opposite of the other.