After being discovered sleeping with his sister, a Nigerian guy has shocked the world

Both brothers and sister under cleansing ritual. Photo courtesy

According to local media, the incident occurred in the state's Vandeikya Local Government Area, according to Orkaa Roojas, who uploaded the photographs on Facebook.The visibly angry villagers who caught them engaging in the dastardly act tied both their hands while they made the shocking confession.

Villagers gathered to witness the shameful act photo credit facebook 

Why would a man sleep with his own sister ? Ordinarily, it is strange or odd to even imagine that happening. Now, how would you describe the fruits of such relationships? In their  defence they said   " We don’t know what came over us. We are convinced that forces beyond us led us into committing the shameful act. "Indeed, incest has become part of society.
Christian Pentecostal Ministry (CPM),  thinks it is a spiritual problem, stressing that it is against God’s will and purpose for creation. The villagers had to sort the issues traditionally in order to prevent embarrassment it would bring to the family and the reputation Of the village."It’s forbidden; it is a taboo. We don’t mention it in Igbo land. If it were to be in those days, they would just take the person to the back of the evil forest and kill them there. " Said one of the villagers.

 brother and sister sitting naked in front of the village and elder performing some rituals to cleanse them. 

"In my place in those days, a person caught doing that would appease the land and go round the market place naked, including the shrine to appease the gods. Even after that, you are not totally free. In fact, when you sleep with someone in the same village with you, you will appease the land. "Another village elder commented.

They decided to perform purification ritual to cleanse the land 

According to the community elders  “Such action is an abomination and back in the days, such people  were excommunicated or ostracised from their community.if such act was found out, the man and the girl would be used to cleanse the land. " Then they agreed with them and decided to perform purification ritual to cleanse the village.