Circulating rumours concerning Akothee's breakup with her Mzungu husband.

Oct 4, 2023 - 17:51
Oct 4, 2023 - 18:02
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Esther Akoth Kokeye, popularly known as Akothee, is the talk of the town after she married her newly found lover Denis Schweizer who is also known by his nackname Omosh. Akothee and Omosh exchanged vows in a weddding ceremony held at the Windsor Gold Hotel, Nairobi on April 10, 2023. It is not officially confirmed that Akothee is single again. According to her, she has been going through a challenging period in her life and she was forced to undergo therapy.

She claims that the therapy got her to pay Ksh 50,000 per hour for an hour session with the first therapist. She said that she is out of a dangerous zone and she has been healing in private for two months now. The situation made her shake, loose energy, appetite, sleep, panic attacks and even lost motivation in doing things she loved to do. All these came because of the truth and some ugly staff that she discovered. Despite that, she said she was still strong because she had work to do, a family, an empire to protect and most importantly, she had to put a strong face to entertain her fans.

Akothee never knew about emotional abuse until when she started therapy. She is passing her regards to anyone who prayed for her in silence and walked with her through the journey especially the family including her children.Stating this, she talked about Rue baby who followed her to europe in fear of losing her. Akothee claims that Rue sitted with her until she could stand oh her feet.

The breakup rumours circulating in social media platforms, is because Akothee and the husband Denis Schweizer are no longer following each other on social media. The rumours are not equivalent to a confirmed breakup. The reason being that she has not explicitly stated that she is single and her relationship remains unconfirmed based on the available information. 

Akothee is now solicitating to the public to stay calm, keep praying for her and family. This being the sweet gossip for the blogers, she is pleading to them for some private moment so that when everything is okay and she is stable enough to talk about it, she will be in a position to give detailed update. 

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