JSS teachers in Kisii demonstrate demanding permanent letters

May 13, 2024 - 18:51
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JSS teachers in Kisii demonstrate demanding  permanent letters

By Jackson Nyakoe

JSS teachers in Kisii County on Monday held demonstrations to the County’s ministry of education offices demanding for permanent letters from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

The angry teachers turned out in large numbers in the streets of Kisii town advocating for permanent and pensionable letters from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) as directed by the court order.

“Our main agenda is to ask TSC to abide by the court orders and confirm TSC interns and compensate them” said their team leader.

The teachers vowed to put down their tools if the TSC fails to comply with their quest adding that they have been neglected for a long time.

“We are law abiding citizens. Internship was declared illegal. We’re not stepping into classes until we’re given permanent and pensionable letters. We ask TSC to move with speed and bring those letters to our desks so that we go back to school and continue with the good work of the lord of imparting knowledge to those young ones” said their team leader.

The law abiding teachers strongly said they needed their menace solved before they log in to school for the second term.

“We are requesting you to give us the letter first. We are going to give you enough time to figure out the matrix on how to figure us later” added their leader.

Initially, the court had found the Teachers Service Commission in violation of the constitution for employing teachers who have already graduated as interns.

The demos happen on the same day students back to school for their second term after a delay propelled by the ongoing rains in the country.





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