Kisii county financial management under scrutiny by local representatives

Jun 6, 2024 - 17:13
Jun 6, 2024 - 18:41
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Kisii county financial management under scrutiny by local representatives

In a recent parliamentary session dedicated to discussing the national budget and the allocation of funds, Kisii County Women Representative, Donya Doris Aburi, raised concerns about the county's financial management. 

Aburi highlighted the inefficient and improper utilization of funds within Kisii County, calling on the county's financial budgeters to adopt more prudent and transparent financial practices.

Addressing her fellow legislators, Aburi emphasized the need for budgetary allocations to be spent judiciously and for funds to be utilized for their intended purposes. Her remarks were directed at ensuring that the county's resources are managed effectively to foster development and meet the needs of the residents.

"The poor usage of funds in our county is a matter of grave concern. We must ensure that every shilling allocated is spent wisely and in accordance with the intended purposes. This calls for greater transparency and accountability from those responsible for budgeting and financial management," Aburi stated passionately.

Her call for prudent financial management was strongly supported by South Mugirango MP, Hon. Silvanus Osoro. Osoro echoed Aburi's sentiments, underscoring the importance of responsible financial practices in driving the county's growth and development.

"I second the remarks made by my colleague, Hon. Aburi. It is imperative that we adopt financial practices that ensure the funds are not only used sparingly but also in ways that directly benefit our constituents. Mismanagement of funds has far-reaching negative impacts, and we must act now to rectify this," Osoro asserted.

The discussion in parliament was part of a broader debate on the national budget, which includes the disbursement of funds to counties. The concerns raised by Aburi and Osoro highlight the ongoing challenges faced by many counties in Kenya regarding financial oversight and accountability.

Their comments come at a time when the national government is keen on ensuring that funds allocated to counties are used effectively to promote development and improve service delivery. The call for improved financial management practices in Kisii County serves as a reminder of the critical role that local leaders play in advocating for accountability and transparency at the county . 

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