NYAMIRA TOWN HISTORICAL BACKGROUND - Social,Economical and political development

Nyamira Town is a hidden gem that offers a captivating blend of culture, history, and modernity. From its lively markets filled with locally grown produce to historical landmarks that transport you back in time, this enchanting town has something to offer everyone.

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NYAMIRA TOWN HISTORICAL BACKGROUND - Social,Economical and political development

Nyamira County is a county in the former Nyanza Province of Kenya. Formally a district, Nyamira was hived off Kisii District in 1989, and it shares common boundaries with what was known as Nyamira District. The main cash crops grown are bananas and tea. The county has a population of 605,576 (2019 census). Its capital and largest town is Nyamira, with an urban population of around 41,668 (2009 census) The county is also referred to as North Kisii. Nyamira County borders Kisii County to the East, Bomet and Kericho counties to the West, Homa Bay County to the North.

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Physical and topical features

County lies between 1,250 and 2,100 m (4,100 and 6,890 ft) above the sea level. Permanent rivers include Sondu, Eaka, Kijauri, Kemera, Charachani, Gucha (Kuja), Bisembe, Mogonga, Chirichiro, Ramacha and Egesagane and all of them drain water to lake victoria.

Climatic conditions

The county has a temperature range between 10 and 28.7 °C (50.0 and 83.7 °F). Annual rainfall ranges between 1,200 and 2,100 mm (47 and 83 in).  long start December to June in and short rain seasons from June and July to November


The county has a population of 605,576 of which 290,907 are male, 314,656 are female, and 13 who are intersex. There are 150,669 households spawning an average size of 4.0 persons per household and a population density 675 inhabitants per square kilometre (1,750/sq mi)

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Religion in Nyamira County 

Religion (2019 Census) Number
Catholicism 152,888
Protestant 326,691
Evangelical Churches 90,004
African instituted Churches 12,789
Orthodox 762
Other Christian 10,249
Islam 554
Hindu 16
Traditionists 206
Other 5,341
No Religion/Atheists 3,347
Don't Know 176
Not Stated 28

Administrative and political units

Administrative units

There are 5 sub counties, 4 electoral constituencies, 14 divisions, 46 locations and 114 sub-locations.

Sub counties

  • Nyamira North
  • Nyamira South
  • Borabu
  • Masaba North
  • Manga

Electoral constituencies

It has four constituencies and 20 county assembly wards,

Political leadership

John Obiero Nyangarama was the Governor serving his last term in office after being elected twice 2013, 2017 and his deputy Amos Kimwomi Nyaribo is the current governor. Mogeni Erick Okong’o is the current Senator. And the first senator in 2013 to 2017 was Kennedy Mong'are Okong'o. Jerusha Mongina Momanyi is the women representative and was elected in 2017 after winning against the Alice Chae who was the first women representative for the county.

For Nyamira County, the County Executive Committee comprises:-

County Executive Committee
The Governor 1
The Deputy Governor 1
The County Secretary 1
The CEC Members 10
Total 13


There is a total of 532 health facilities in the county with one county referral hospital. The county has 610 health personnel of different cadre.

HIV prevalence is at 6.4% below the national 5.3% (Kenya HIV Estimates 2015).

Nyamira County

Transport and communication

The county is covered by 388 km of road network. of this 388 km is covered by earth surface, 208 km is murram surface.

There are five post offices and 15 sub post offices, 800 installed letter boxes, 700 rented letter boxes and 100 vacant letter boxes.

Trade and commerce

There are 49 trading centres, 2049 registered businesses, 1641 licensed retail traders and 42 supermarkets.

Nyamira County
Location in Kenya
Location in Kenya
Country  Kenya
Formed 4 March 2013
Capital Nyamira
 • Governor Amos Nyaribo
 • Deputy Governor James Gesami
 • Total 912.5 km2 (352.3 sq mi)
 • Total 605,576[1]
Time zone UTC+3 (EAT)
Website www.nyamira.go.ke

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