Peace Returns To Kisii As Arati And Osoro Go Easy On Each Other

May 26, 2024 - 18:48
May 26, 2024 - 18:57
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Peace Returns To Kisii As Arati And Osoro Go Easy On Each Other

It's kudos to the young and ambitious Kisii politicians Simba Arati and his nemesis Silvanus Osoro for heeding wise counsel to go easy on each other in their supremacy battles, that has now led to relative political calm in the area. 

For a while now the clergy and community elders have been persuading the two leaders to cease their attacks against each other and instead embrace dialogue, a move that seems to have yielded relative calm. 

The two protagonists mainly in their Gusii backyard, had inflamed political temperatures a few months back that threatened peace in the region. The tensions forced internal Security CS Kithure Kindiki to visit the region twice and read a riot act to the political leadership. 

The differences saw chaotic interruption of delivery of President Ruto's condolence message during the burial of a national polytechnic principal and disruption of burials attended by the two leaders. 

But the duo have avoided addressing each other in derogatory   styles leading to a peaceful political environment in the recent past, even if it's temporarily.

It's encouraging that Governor Arati and Mr Osoro who is also the Government's chief whip in the national assembly have in the past month avoided also using their political dogs to attack each other as was the case there before. 

Speaking in Nyamira, Arati who has since declared himself a community spokesman with national seat interest in future promised to henceforth seek peace among fellow leaders. 

The differences between the two most influential politicians in Kisii region at the moment after Fred Matiangi who initially eclipsed them, courtesy of his positions in government, went under, had almost split the populous kisii and Nyamira counties right in the middle. 

The situation had threatened to get out of hand with supporters of either camp vowing never to share a platform, at the expense of joint approaches to developmental issues.

It is said that it’s because of their fallout that three planned tours by President Ruto had to be cancelled both in kisii and Nyamira counties.

 At one point North Mugirango MP Joash Nyamoko publicly protested that the infighting had forced the cancellations. 

The fallout reached a climax in February when a section of mourners were injured as supporters of the two clashed in South Mugirango.

It is also claimed that the bad blood largely contributed to the controversial impeachment of Deputy Governor Robert Monda.  Since Dr Monda has moved to court even as Arati and the Kisii County Assembly goes on seeking his replacement.  

Last week the assembly commenced processing Arati’s nominee as Monda's successor Mr Abebo.

It's now incumbent upon the two young Kisii leaders to build on their temporary political truce by meeting to harmonize their working relationship which must be driven by a desire of serving their electorates.

Political maturity dictates that a leader worth his salt must respect another leader and for the region to gain meaningful developments, those in office must find a formula of partnership. 

To start with, they both must convene a leaders' meeting, draw a joint memoranda on priority areas that they will present to the president when he visits.  

That memoranda should be read jointly by both Arati and Osoro, as a way of easing the tensions.  This will go a long way in cementing good working relationships devoid of character assassination as experienced recently leading to chaotic and embarrassing scenes.

Key issues that need joint approach include location of an airport following sharp divisions among the leaders, need for more administrative units which saw the recent move by national government leave the region out, location of Nyamira University , relocation of Kisii town based Prisons , concerns over State appointments and numerous incomplete national and county initiated projects. 

It will be a political plus to all Kisii leaders led by Arati, Osoro, Nyamira Governor Amos Nyaribo and the Gusii MPs' caucus chairman Nyamoko to work together.

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