A lady from Kitutu Masaba constituency who was once in Saudia Arabia , colapsed and damaged her spinal cord

Oct 6, 2023 - 11:23
Oct 9, 2023 - 14:23
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Moses Nyariki and Florence Nyanchama a family from Sirate village, Magombo word, Kitutu Masaba constituency in Nyamira county are pleading for help from well-wishers to cater medication expenses for their middle-aged daughter. The daughter is said to have travelled to Saudia Arabia in the year 2016 at least to stabilize their living standards and to do away with the poverty in her family.


Early in the year 2023, she developed blood pressure while still in Saudia Arabia, it is not clearly stated whether she was on medication or not. March the same year she collapsed and detrimented her head and the spinal cord, due to this she was unable to perform her duties well. The family straggled through the help from friends and other family members and raised some amount and she travelled back to Kenya.

The spinal cord discharges water, she is also paralyzed on her left side of the body which combines a leg and a hand. Currently she cannot walk or stand by her own without being supported. The family has spent everything on her medication and to buy her drugs which releases the pain. According to the sister the lady cries day and night and she reached a point where she lost hope.

Medical experts said that there are chances for her to get well and she needs surgery which will entail operation and this will cost more than Ksh 3million. The family is requesting well-wisher to contribute the little they have so that they can help them rescue their daughter from danger. They also said that the watery discharge makes them to worry a lot.

The daughter is currently in Nairobi where she was helped by a neighbor with shelter as she waits for money so that she can proceed to Nairobi hospital for her treatment. The family also sent reports to their area MCA and their governor to solicitate for assistance.

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