Principal Fred Mogaka Shines in Kisii School student SDA Choir

Mr. Fred Mogaka, the esteemed principal of Kisii High School, has recently become the talk of social media platforms and music enthusiasts alike after his notable appearance in the Kisii School SDA Choir’s latest song, “Walivuka (Yahweh Jina lake).“

Oct 9, 2023 - 14:55
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Principal Fred Mogaka Shines in Kisii School student SDA Choir

In this melodious composition, Mogaka showcased his vocal prowess by singing the solo stanza 2 alongside the tenor section, leaving listeners in awe of his talent.Mogaka, 47, is widely recognized for his exceptional leadership skills and unwavering dedication to his students.Under his guidance, he has fostered strong relationships between students and teachers, actively combating the presence of illegal drugs within the school premises.

Walivuka || Kisii School Choir live performance || Music Sabbath at Kisii  Central SDA Church - YouTube

He has also implemented initiatives to recognize and reward academic excellence, often treating the school’s top-performing students to a memorable evening at a prestigious four-star hotel during his renowned principal’s dinner.

In a recent interview with Nation, Mogaka revealed his unique approach to school management.He disclosed that he began wearing the school uniform during his tenure as the deputy principal at Riokindo Boys.This unconventional choice not only endeared him to the students but also served as a clever tactic to assimilate into the school environment, allowing him to gain insights into the students’ lives and concerns.

Even after assuming the role of principal at Kisii School, he continued this practice, becoming a familiar face among the student body.When questioned about the possibility of strikes or major disruptions during his tenure, Mogaka exuded confidence.He stated emphatically that he does not anticipate a full-scale strike under his watch.

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While acknowledging that challenges might arise, he remains steadfast in his commitment to maintaining a harmonious and conducive learning environment within the school.Mogaka’s participation in the Kisii School SDA Choir’s latest song, “Walivuka (Yahweh Jina lake),” has not only showcased his musical talent but has also served to further cement his reputation as a multifaceted and dedicated educator.

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